About Us

Guardian Integrated Care (GIC) is a multi-specialty clinic designed specifically for the needs of all those involved with a Personal Injury case. We believe that a one-stop, do-it-all clinic sounds good on the surface, but not all patients are the same and neither are their cases. Legal teams are aware of the individual needs of their clients and support them accordingly. At GIC we treat every patient as an individual by offering detailed EMC exams and/or specialist’s exams and procedures based on each unique case. A comprehensive care plan is then created for the patient based on evidence-based literature so that they can receive the care they need with the confidence that it follows medicolegal standards.

Why Us

GIC is a member of one of central Florida’s most successful ACO groups. It is actually one of the most successful in the nation. A network of over 300 doctors of every specialty working together to treat patients in a more complete and comprehensive manner. These medical clinics already have an extensive list of patients that might need medical and legal services due to a personal injury. Based on the NHTSA, 5 of the top ten counties for traffic fatalities in this state are located right here in central Florida. When a patient from one of these clinics encounters an accident, they can be referred to GIC for treatment and management (EMC, Ortho, Neuro, legal, etc.). Everyone involved with the patient’s health can monitor their progress throughout the treatment. GIC not only coordinates care for the patient with the appropriate specialists necessary, they also collect all data, progress notes, bills, and interoffice communications into one location saving time and money. This approach not only improves patient care, but also reduces unnecessary hours for an attorney’s team.

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